For 60 years, the Revox name has stood for audio products ofthe highest technical perfection. Products such as the legendaryRevox A77 reel-to-reel tape machine, which even afterdecades, is still seen as a milestone for top-qualityaudiophilia. This tradition continues today with a modular,upgradable technology concept. Then as now, Revox developsvisionary and future oriented products which stand outlike a shining beacon in the gloom of mass market mediocrity.


The most advanced technology is only of benefit if it serves the user. The unique Revox system offers its owner a maximum of functionality and design freedom, with a minimum of operating effort. A uniform, intuitive operating concept, where the most important functions can be called at the press of a single button, combined with a consistent, modular construction of the complete system, make the user the master of his own entertainment. Today, tomorrow and for many years to come.


It has always been special to be the owner of a Revox product.And, thanks to an awesome range of excellent speakers inmany different sizes and power ranges, which offer impressivedesign or the subtlety to blend in with their surroundings,exclusive sound solutions can be designed to meet individualtastes. With the Revox Multiroom System, users can controltheir entertainment to match their personal desires – in theliving room, the bathroom or the kitchen. Enjoy your own individualaudio and video world, with exclusive design, brilliantpictures and excellent sound. Whenever you want.And wherever you want.


The completely authentic reproduction of natural sound is theideal that has defined the Revox brand from the start. Countlessinternational prizes that have been awarded to Revoxaudio equipment over the decades bear witness to the factthat the company has always remained true to this ideal. Withits synthesis of forward-looking technologies, visionary operatorconcept and excellent sound, the Revox audio/videosystem enjoys a unique global position today. Right up to thecurrent day, the Revox name stands for unparalleled musicalenjoyment of the highest technical level.



The STUDIOMASTER M500 is a high-end audio system with a powerful integrated amplifier, 2x 180 watts. With DAB+, FM tuner, an OLED glass front display and a variety of possible audio sources and connection options. Music can be played via WLAN, LAN and Bluetooth. Music streaming with iRadio, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer. HDMI and other connections allow you to connect the TV, CD player, tape machine or headphones.

In one room or in several rooms
The STUDIOMASTER can be used as a server and simultaneously as a room amplifier. Together with other Multiuser components, it can be expanded into a Multiroom system. The Revox Multiuser concept offers a completely individual use for different users in one room and, thanks to the modular approach of the system, also in several rooms as a Multiroom solution. Incl. 4 user licences.

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