For 30 years USTECH, one of Japan’s most beloved and respected traditional bath and bathroom manufacturers with a focus on design and functional beauty, has been furnishing homes, hotels and an array of high-end spaces with state-of-the-art Japanese bathrooms. Utilizing hand-crafted quartz stone from the U.S. and Canada, USTECH’s range of baths from the Erabiso (fully custom-made baths) to the ERN series ([和] (Wa) concept standardized bathtub) and the much-vaunted WABURO (systemized unit bathrooms) have won over customers and industry influencers the world over with their focus on Japanese monozukuri (Japanese artisanship). In fact, the firm’s ERN series won a Cool Japan award in 2015, and the company was planning to show at the Milan Design Week Tokyo Award 2020 in the prestigious Milano Salone this year until its cancellation due to the COVID-19 situation.

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Fragrant natural material “Hinoki”

The stile, which is the face of the bathtub, is made of cypress, a natural material with a pleasant scent and beautiful wood grain. In addition to the unique aroma of cypress that emits phytoncide, which is known for its benefits of forest bathing, the gentle grain and texture of the wood…the healing that resonates with the five senses spreads throughout the space.

Rare natural stone “Towada stone”

Towada stone, which emits far-infrared rays and negative ions and has a healing effect, is used inside the bathtub. The blue and green stones that nature weaves turn into a “bright blue” when wet, creating a soothing effect that relaxes the mind.

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