About kuriki

Kuriki Manufacture Co., Ltd. is an ISO9001-certified manufacturing company focused on making architectural hardware and bathroom accessories, such as lever handles, hinged and sliding door fittings, toilet paper holders, towel bars, etc. which some have won the Good Design Award.

Until now, our bathroom lever handle still occupies the largest share in Japan, and the big residential developers here also widely adopt our products. But, most importantly, they have gained the customers’ trust in the international markets. Our hotel lever, for example, is now used in well-known hotels, namely Swissotel the Stamford- Singapore, Village Hotel Sentosa- Singapore, The Outpost Hotel- Singapore, The Standard King Power-Thailand, Waldorf Astoria- Thailand.

In the upcoming years, together with the growing number of customers, we will continue to be a leading manufacturer in providing hardware for residential and buildings in general.

Our lever handle is lightweight aluminum and available in various high-quality colors and finishes. All lever handles and lock cases have passed the endurance test, ensuring a long-term use. These door handles are suitable for ANSI and EURO profile locks and our bathroom lock types.

We operate doors anytime, anywhere. Thus, we need proper door hardware to have a well-functioning door for a convenient life. At Kuriki Manufacture, we provide various door hardware, such as hinges, door closers, door stops, etc., that guarantee long-term use. In addition, some of the products are marked with the “G Mark” to indicate that the product is excellent in design while maintaining its functionality.

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