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Safemark stands apart with a commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and the highest security standards. Offering the widest selection of product, our electronic safes are designed with modular components including digital keypad, CPU and locking mechanism. What does this mean to you? Hotel staff can replace a door in seconds or individually components can be addressed when needed. In return, hotel guests benefit with a reliable and durable safe at their fingertips.

Thoughtful Design

Our user-friendly, illuminated keypad makes for easy viewing especially in closet areas. Safemark’s popular Emergency Handheld Override (EHO) is not only industrial strength, but easy to learn and simple to operate. Your hotel can obtain the ultimate peace of mind by choosing our UL-Rated High Security Medeco Fail-Safe Override Key System.

Selecting the Right Electronic Safe for your Hotel

Top hotel brands agree, Safemark dominates the market with safe expertise. Here are a few important points to remember when evaluating in-room safes:

Brand Approved:
Problem: Many safe providers send conflicting information by using images of branded properties in their marketing materials, when in fact, they are not approved and/or do not meet the specification guidelines.
Solution: Save yourself time and money by tapping into research performed by major hotel brands and select a safe partner that is approved and utilized throughout their portfolio.

Audit Trail:
Problem: Valuable time is often wasted trying to solve a theft due to ambiguous information. Many safes on the market only reflect a user number (i.e. User #1). Worse yet, they only track safe “openings” and not “closings” which is a critical piece when dealing with a guest’s missing valuables.
Solution: Remove the worry of loosing vital safe codes and the costly expense of drilling locked safes by embracing a safe solution with multiple back-up options (i.e. hotel server, secondary PC, and/or CD). An override that has lost its programming due to dead batteries is quickly and easily reprogrammed.

Key Override:
Problem: Skeleton keys can easily be copied at the local hardware store leaving guest room safes an easy target.
Solution: Select a safe that incorporates high-integrity keys. Unlike a skeleton key, the patented Medeco key utilized by Safemark cannot be unknowingly copied as blanks are not distributed outside the Medeco factory. The lock is virtually pick proof and additional keys are only available from Medeco with proper signature authority.


With over One-Million safes installed around the world, Safemark paves the way with innovative technology and design.


Safemark’s safes are designed to provide financial reassurance.  As an added piece of mind, most safes include a five-year manufacturer’s warranty, an exclusive $10,000 limited warranty against forced entry is included giving hoteliers and their guests the ultimate peace of mind.

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Since 1983, leading hotels around the world have chosen Safemark as their guest room security solution.


39 of the top 40 hotel brands are utilizing Safemark and providing guests with the most secure, in-room safe technology.


Providing unmatched security solutions and service excellence

Safemark Safes secure your guests, watch this brief video to see how Since 1983, Safemark has paved the way for in-room safe technology combining innovative designs with user-friendly operation. With an impressive installation base of more than 1,000,000 hotel guest rooms, Safemark’s extensive portfolio includes locations from New York’s famous Waldorf Astoria to economy hotels on the other side of the globe. Reach out to a Safemark specialist today and learn more about our guest room safes including laptop safes, drawer safes, wall safes and more.

Experience Counts

Approved and utilized by 39 of the top 40 hotel brands, Safemark’s products include the industry’s most comprehensive audit trail designed to protect guests’ valuables and shield hotels against alleged losses. Safemark’s products are backed by expert installation, 24/7 technical support, and include a vast range of safe options.

Unmatched Warranty

As an added peace of mind, all safes include a five-year manufacturer’s warranty and exclusive $10,000 limited warranty against forced entry.

Products and Solutions

Safemark LTX-3

Introducing the all new Hotel Guestroom Safe from Safemark!

The revolutionary design of the LTX-3 boasts distinctive finishing options and a curved elliptical face, combined with its unparrelled penchant for security, Safemark is unlocking an entirely new philisophy for guest room security. 

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Safemark’s 17” laptop safes were designed to accommodate guests who travel with larger and/or multiple valuables. This safe series not only holds 17” laptops, but also has plenty of room to store purses, cameras, iPads, cell phones, and many other travel accessories.

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Safemark’s drawer safes are designed to accommodate the evolving guest room credenzas. Several options are available including pull drawers and those with hydraulic arms.

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Safemark’s 15” laptop safes were designed with today’s hotel guest in mind. Large enough to accommodate a 15” laptop, plus ample space for purses, cameras, iPads, cell phones, and many other travel accessories.

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