Express Check-Out at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

The express check-out box at Marina Bay Sands hotel that is designed by Eureka team

The express check-out box is very convenient for both the guests and also for the hotel staff. Without going to the check-out counter, guests can just drop their hotel card into the box and they will be effortlessly checked out of the hotel. Additional room expenses and the invoice will be emailed to the guests for payment. Hotel staff will also receive a much faster update of the room status with the deployment of the express check-out box. 

The MBS and Eureka team worked closely together to construct this express check-out box with the same goal of making guests’ stay more enjoyable and convenient. RFID technology is used to make this system fully automated. Once hotel staff receive an update of the room status, housekeeping team can be deployed to clean the room which can be made available to the next guest.

Link to express check-out video is here

Gira G1

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