select(ed) by ingrid adriaenssens


In the past few years Lithoss has released a number of remarkable concepts and designs. The pinnacle of craftsmanship however is our new, exclusive and beautiful collection Selected by Ingrid Adriaenssens.

Ingrid Adriaenssens, a famous jewellery designer from Ghent created sophisticated switches in her very own specific style, turning our switches into pieces of art. She was given carte blanche in terms of colours and artistic vision. Ingrid Adriaenssens chose to work with high-quality enamel powders of Thompson Enamels, known for their purity and the rich, intense colour range. She drew inspiration from the enamel’s softness, texture and depth.


The collaboration between Ingrid Adriaenssens and Lithoss shows how the ancient art of enamelling has contemporary, everyday uses and an unprecedentedly long lifespan. These are hand-made designs. The series consists of four selections, named after great historical citizens of Ghent.

Gira G1

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