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Since 1905, Radevormwald-based family company Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG has been shaping the electronics sector with smart solutions for intelligent building control. Each innovatibe product we create is designed with people and their needs in mind – and people are at the heart of our product development process.


Gira was founded in 1905 in Wuppertal and initially started with the utilisation of a toggle switch patent. In 1910, Gira moved to Radevormwald. During the 1930’s, the company established itself as a switch supplier of excellent-quality products with the well-known lever-bolt rotary switch and has been successfully expanding its product range with new and modern products and solutions ever since. Today, Gira employs approximately 1,000 people.


Gira works closely with architects and regards them as important contacts for cooperation when designing new products. In the early 80’s, an idea arose to match the clear colours of plastic door handles from Hewi with switches and socket outlet. The designer Professor Klose then designed the S-Color switch, which was introduced to the market in numerous colours in 1985.


Eureka has been working closely with Gira since 2000 and has more than 2 decades of experience & technical competence in supporting Gira’s products in various countries in South East Asia.

Controlling intelligent building technology easily

Gira Homeserver 4

Gira Design Configurator with augmented reality

New Gira Products


KNX products

All KNX-​based products, such as serv­ers, op­er­at­ing devices, sensors, ac­tu­at­ors and more, can be found here.

Gira One products

All Gira One products, such as servers, operating devices, sensors, actuators and more, can be found here.

eNet products

All wire­less com­pon­ents for the eNet SMART HOME sys­tem, such as the eNet server, can be found here.

System 3000 products

The vari­ous blind and light in­serts can be found here, to­gether with the cor­res­pond­ing top units and mo­tion de­tect­ors.

The standard in the KNX Smart Home.

At Home in Any Sector Reference Buildings with Gira Products

A variety of buildings are equipped with Gira products and systems. This applies to large commercial units as well as hotels, kindergartens and homes in private residential construction. Current examples can be found here under the references. 

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The all-rounder for building technology

Gira pushbutton sensor 4 System 55

Gira System 106

Smart Home systems explained

Gira RDS flush-mounted radio

Gira Cube motion detector

Gira System 3000 blind control


Gira G1

Pushbutton Sensor 4

Door intercoms for outdoor use

Gira USB power supply type A & C

Gira Rocker Switch

Gira rotary dimmer

Electronic Blind Controller

Sensotec LED




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System 55

Controlling intelligent building technology easily – at home and on the move

On the way to work, on holiday or in the garden: The Gira HomeServer/FacilityServer App allows all of the building technology to be conveniently operated while on the move using an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, or any Android-based mobile devices. The free app for controlling the Gira HomeServer and the KNX installation in the building features the uniform Gira Interface design. Because of this, users can quickly find their way round the user menu and enjoy the advantages of intuitive menu navigation even while on the move. There is easy access to all control functions regardless of where you are, and a constant overview of all the building technology is available. The display is either horizontal or vertical and can be modified simply by rotating the device. Various profiles can be set up in user administration, e.g. for use at home and while on the move. Up to four profiles can be set up. See for yourself how easy it is to operate the Gira HomeServer/FacilityServer. The Gira HomeServer/FacilityServer App is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. The app variant for the iPad is also available in HD resolution.

GIRA Homeserver 4. New Design. More Performance.

Customise each moment: with the Gira HomeServer, you can easily put complex scenarios into practice. Even garden irrigation and smart speakers can be integrated into the system. All data transmission is, of course, encrypted.

Gira Design Configurator with augmented reality

The entire Gira design system at a glance — within your own four walls. The easy-to-use Gira Design Configurator will give you a realistic impression of your desired combination. The many frame varieties of the Gira design lines can be combined with selected functions in various colours and materials from the Gira product range. The new, fascinating “Live View” mode uses a smartphone’s or tablet’s camera to show what selected design variants look like in your real-life environment. The Gira Design Configurator can be accessed online or is available as a free app for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Gira One

The desire for more convenience, security and energy efficiency is becoming a trend in building technology. From automatically adjusting blinds and creating light scenes for cozy evenings to heating rooms only when you are there and much more besides – Gira One makes the Smart Home easy to achieve.

The standard in the KNX Smart Home.

Switching lights on and off, moving blinds up and down, simulating presence, setting a pleasant temperature – anywhere in the building or remotely: the Gira X1 server makes automating and visualising a single-family homes, and in expanded form, even large apartment buildings, with a KNX system easier, more convenient and more economical than ever before. For users and residents this means greater convenience and security. Many functions can be monitored and controlled remotely when away from home. The space-saving, quick installation of the Gira X1 and the minimal effort needed for start-up and configuration with the free Gira Project Assistant (GPA) make the decision to opt for Smart Home technology much easier.

The all-rounder for building technology

The Gira G1 is the intelligent control centre for the entire KNX building technology. All the functions can be conveniently operated with a tap or gesture on the brilliant multi-touch display. It can be installed on a single device box like a normal switch and is equally suitable for modernisations, retrofits and new buildings. As one of the first KNX operating elements, it provides increased everyday data security with KNX Secure. Thanks to encryption, communication between the Gira G1 and other KNX Secure-enabled devices is tamper-proof. The Gira G1 can be used as a KNX operating device, eNet SMART HOME Client, HomeServer Client, Gira X1 Client, Alarm Connect Client or, in conjunction with the TKS IP gateway, as a home station for door communication. Programming can be carried out as before via ETS or, as a completely new feature for the client applications, via GPA. The GPA data points create interesting new possibilities for G1.

Gira pushbutton sensor 4 System 55

The Gira pushbutton sensor 4 System 55 can be combined with any number of design lines in the Gira System 55, thereby producing an aesthetically consistent solution. The robust material, wide choice of colours and pleasant touch and feel of the buttons will satisfy every last expectation of quality and design. The multifunctional button makes it easy to control many different functions in the Smart Home – lighting, blinds, room temperature, scenes and much more. The Gira pushbutton sensor 4 System 55 is available with two, four or six buttons for individual assignment, with the option of a Basis or Komfort models to suit requirements. The buttons are available as different versions: neutral, with laser inscription or with an inscription label.

Gira System 106

Modular and flexible door communication Thanks to its modular design, the Gira System 106 door intercom is extremely flexible and can be individually configured. Gira System 106 boasts a compact design and state-of-the-art technology, as well as robust materials and a wide range of colours.

Cabled or wireless? Smart Home systems explained

We’ve all heard about Smart Homes. But did you know that depending on the type of network, there are different systems to choose from? For those wondering which one might be the best fit, here’s an overview of all options – cabled and radio based.

Gira RDS flush-mounted radio

The Gira RDS flush-mounted radio simply sits in the wall – just like the light switches and socket outlets. This does away with the need for annoying cables, and work surfaces and counters can be kept free. The speaker has been completely redesigned to give the radio a pure sound – and in excellent stereo quality when the Gira additional speaker, which is available as an option, is connected.

Gira Cube Motion Detector

The geometric, clear design of the new Gira Cube motion detector fits particularly well with modern architecture, as well as in existing buildings. The colours available are pure white glossy or anthracite. The Gira Cube motion detector is available for conventional installation or KNX installation depending on requirements. A flexible installation concept allows for both ceiling and wall mounting.

Gira System 3000 blind control

Blinds, shutters and awnings can be controlled easily with the Gira System 3000. At the same time, it not only regulates the incidence of light in living areas but also stabilises the room climate and saves energy. Various top units are available for effortless, easy control of the Gira System 3000: from manual operating or touch top units to Bluetooth top units controlled by an app. The special feature of the Gira System 3000 is that a manual operating top unit can be replaced at any time with a different top unit for blind control from the System 3000. This can, for example, turn a switch into an easy-to-operate display device that can be used to set automatic movement times for electric blinds.

Gira G1

The Gira G1 can be used as a central operating unit for a KNX system. All functions can be conveniently operated by touching or gesturing at the bright multi-touch display.

Pushbutton Sensor 4

Depending on the version used, up to eight individually definable functions can be established with one Gira pushbutton sensor 4. A large number of KNX applications can be controlled centrally at the mere touch of a button. Light and light scenes, blinds, room temperature, entertainment and much more.

Door intercoms for outdoor use

Gira door stations are used as
intercom and operation units for outdoor areas. Gira offers variants for flush-mounted or surfacemounted installation. Integration in the Gira energy profiles is also possible.

Gira USB power supply type A & C

Easy and efficient charging: Thanks to its USB-A and USB-C plug connectors the USB power supply A & C allows two USB end devices to be charged safely at the same time. Alongside the usual USB-A connection, the USB-C connection is primarily used for current and future mobile devices.

Gira Rocker Switch

When the light is switched on or off, the rocker part of the Gira rocker switch engages in the respective position when pressed.

Gira Rotary Dimmer

The Gira rotary dimmer switches and dims light sources such as light bulbs, HV halogen lamps, LV halogen lamps with Gira Tronic transformers or LV halogen lamps with conventional transformers.

Electronic Blind Controller

Time-dependent control options automate the daily operation of roller shutters or simulate presence while you are away on holiday. Gira offers a range of top units with memory function, blind timer or programming via Bluetooth.

Sensotec LED

The Gira Sensotec LED uses an integrated LED light to provide orientation lighting that switches on automatically, thereby uniting the functions of a motion detector, an LED orientation light, and a contactless switch within a single device for the first time. Like the Gira Sensotec, the Gira Sensotec LED also works using a high-frequency sensor. When motion is detected, the integrated LED orientation light discreetly illuminates its surroundings to provide orientation within the space.

Gira G1

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