2000W Hotel Safety
Steam Iron Black
EH 50683 / EH 50682

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  • Motion Sensor Auto-Cut Off Safety–30 Seconds unattended on soleplate and 5 minutes upright
  • ECO Auto Off Function for Energy Saving & Environmental Protection
  • Special Anti-drip feature to prevent water dripping through steam outlet
  • 360° angle swivel cords after water cools
  • Anti-calc to remove the limescale build up
  • FUSION Anti-Leak – New water tank assembly method using wire frame and latest thermo-weld technology, prevents tank fracture
  • New thermostat series using silver coated technology ensuring much more accurate thermostat temperature dial match
  • 300 ML Capacity water reservoir
  • Cable cord guard tested to 20,000 cycles to ensure cable safety
  • More powerful steam burst for improved ironing efficiency
  • Ceramic Soleplate
  • Extra long 300cm cable
  • LED Green & Red In-Use Indicator Light
  • Auto Off Indicator Light
  • Sleek Black & Grey Design
  • Operating Light with Cut-Out Indicator
  • CE, CB, RoHS & GS Approved
  • UK or EU Plug variants
  • Color: Black with Grey Water Window
  • 360° angle swivel cord
  • Easy to use temperature/textile dial gauge
  • Includes Refill Beaker
  • Plate size: 220mm x 120mm , Power : AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz

Gira G1

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