Trusted in hotel rooms all over the world.

Emberton is a British design and manufacturing company focused on providing electrical appliances of the highest quality to the hotel and hospitality industries.

The company has a single, clear ambition. To be the most respected producer of guest-room electrical appliances in the world. To deliver against that ambition we abide by a set of design principles that underpin everything we create.

Original British Quality

Nestled between the iconic university towns of Oxford and Cambridge lies the idyllic English village of Emberton, home to the company’s founders, and inspiration for the company’s name. Emberton has always sought to champion the principles of quality and innovation. Now a thoroughly international company, with operations and a client base spread across continents, those values continue to define the brand.

40 years of expertise

Emberton started in the 1980’s as a supplier of quality hotel products. The brand rapidly developed a reputation across Europe as a respected supplier and partner. Building upon that success, the company expanded operations across Asia and the Middle East in the 1990’s.

Emberton’s suite of innovative, safe and superior quality electrical products has won the loyalty of customers across continents. Today Emberton is supplied to an extensive international client list, including some of the world’s most famous hotels. Despite it’s success, the brand maintains a relentless focus on finding new ways to create better and safer electrical products.

The Emberton Philosophy

To create the best possible products for guests and for staff, we don’t design for the hotel industry. We design with them. From initial design to final testing, we submit our products to a panel of experienced hotel and hospitality professionals. Offering the lessons of decades in the industry, this panel ensures every last detail of every Emberton product is interrogated and questioned to deliver optimum performance. Their input quite literally shapes our designs. The result is a suite of Emberton products built to meet the challenges of hotel staff and excel the expectations of guests.

Our Development and Production department have one rule. Question everything. They are continually evaluating the components and materials we use, and the production processes we apply, to find new ways of making better products.

Looking to the future - Growing a reputation

Emberton’s growth has been an incredible story. And yet that drive to be better, that desire for perpetual improvement, remains part of Emberton’s DNA. From training, to production and testing facilities, to finding new talent, we continually re-invest in our people and our products. Relying on the principles and energy that have driven the brand’s success so far, Emberton looks to the future full of confidence.

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