We help more than 1000 integrators worldwide make more money when installing KNX, by cutting the time for setting up KNX visualization due to our automatic ETS detection algorithm and by cutting the time on on-site visits due to our secure remote programming (ETS) solution. At the same time, we help more than 10.000 families live in a cooler KNX smart home and feel more independent managing it by connecting modern user interfaces: Apple Home, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa. Providing them with OS agnostic smart home mobile app, voice control, user-friendly automation interface, geofencing, and quick & secure remote access to their Integrator

1Home Server

Providing fully local control of Apple Home, Google Home, and Samsung SmartThings mobile apps, as well as voice interfaces via Matter. With more power, it can run simple or complex automation and integrate 100s of IoT devices via Matter as if they would be one with KNX or Loxone.
Enabling integrators to offer instant remote support and even remote programming via ETS through a secure connection so users can benefit from a top-notch support service.

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server for knx

server for loxone

Gira G1

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